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Allied GridLock™ Plastic & Wood Embroidery Hoops (Frames) are the #1 choice for computerized commercial embroidery machines & home embroidery sewing machines! For stitching free machine embroidery designs or custom embroidery designs on corporate apparel, promotional shirts, T-shirts, jackets & other apparel, sports team wear, uniforms and more, smart embroiderers choose Allied hoops. Why? Because Allied GridLock™ hoops are the only patented hoops in the industry that feature Grid Lines and Reference Marks which provide visual confirmation of straightness. This enables users to hoop quickly, accurately and precisely, each and every time! Allied embroidery hoops offer overall superior hooping performance for the best embroidery results!
Due to significant productivity improving and unique cost saving features, our patented Allied GridLock™ Frames and Allied Wooden Hoops are chosen and supplied by many original equipment manufacturers of commercial and home embroidery machines worldwide as OEM embroidery hoops.
For nearly 30 years, Allied International has supplied top-quality commercial embroidery frames for Tubular and Flat Table industrial embroidery machines used for professional embroidery as well as home embroidery machines used by hobbyists. Allied International has pioneered and developed a wide variety of uniquely engineered & highly popular Square Hoops, Rectangular Frames, Round Hoops and Oval Frames. Allied GridLock™ plastic and wood hoops are available in Single Height for thinner fabrics & Double Height for thicker garments or fabrics requiring extra grip such as satins and silks. The more than 300 different embroidery frame sizes offered by Allied provide the best selection of hoops for every embroidery design, small or large. Find the perfect size hoops for your embroidery design to achieve superior embroidery results and also eliminate the cost wastage of excess backing material.
Specially engineered Allied clamps are also popularly used for embroidering belts, emblems, badges, Madeira E-Zee PreFrame sheets and other suitable articles.
As tens of thousands of embroiderers worldwide already know, the patented grid lines and other markings on Allied GridLock™ frames help eliminate rejected garments due to misaligned embroideries, a commonly experienced problem when embroiderers use other brands of hoops without the unique features of Allied hoops. Allied GridLock™ plastic and wooden hoops can also help you improve your embroidery operation productivity and increase profitability. Insist on using only Allied brand hoops as other discerning embroidery Professionals do and save considerable money. Do not short change yourself by buying inexpensive hoops. In reality they will cost you a lot more in the long run! Just think, if you can eliminate the cost of just one rejection due to misaligned embroidered per week per machine head by using Allied GridLock™ frames, you would be on your way to saving a great amount of money over time, increasing your bottom line profits!
Whether you have a single head home embroidery machine, a compact single head industrial machine or multi-head commercial embroidery machines, whether you purchased a new or used embroidery machine, Allied GridLock™ Plastic and Wooden Hoops are the perfect match!  Allied International offers the best money-saving embroidery hoops (frames) and products for all major brands of tubular and flat table embroidery machines such as:
Tajima (NEO, etc.), Toyota (Expert, Net, etc.), Barudan (Elite, etc.), Brother commercial machines (BAS, etc.), Happy (HCD, Voyager, etc.), SWF (K-Series, E-Series, M-Series, etc.), Inbro, Meistergram (PRO, etc.), Melco (Amaya XT, Bravo, EMT, EMC, Epicor, Stellar, SuperStar, EP1 Premier), ZSK (Sprint, etc.), BabyLock (Embroidery Professional EMP6, BMP, BMP6, BMP8, BMP9, Enterprise BNT10, etc.), Brother home machines (Entrepreneur PR-600, PR-620, PR-650, PR-1000, etc.), Janome (MB-4, etc.), Highland, Renaissance, Prodigi, Consew, Aemco, Phoenix, Feiya/Feiyue, Ultramatic, Richpeace, Singer, Bernina, Pfaff, and other compatible machines.
Allied International also offers development of custom made-to-spec wooden hoops. Allied's range of wooden hoop sizes offers small hoops (starting from two inches) to jumbo sizes up to 52 inches long. The hoop attachment brackets are designed per specifications to fit on the customer’s specific embroidery machines.
Allied also offers embroidery accessories, plastic round replacement outer hoops, hoop adjustment screws and selected discount embroidery supplies.
To become a wholesale distributor of Allied products around in the world, please send your inquiry using our contact form at or by sending us an e-mail at, providing a brief résumé of your company.  Genuine inquiries only, please!
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The patented, unique features of Round, Square & Rectangular Allied Grid-Lock (AGL) & Premium Allied Grid-Lock (PAGL) plastic embroidery hoops (frames) help prevent misaligned/ crooked embroidery on garments.
If you can prevent the rejection of even one garment per day or even per week, your measurable cost savings would be very significant over a period of time! AGL/PAGL embroidery frames enable faster hooping and proper placement on garments.
This too will save you considerable time and money, improving your embroidery productivity and profitability! -----------------------
Allied Wooden Frames also offer many advantages. When you need extra fabric gripping power, Allied wood embroidery hoops are the best!