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Please scroll down for information about Allied Wood Embroidery Hoops

Patented Allied Grid-Lock™ / Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ Plastic Embroidery Hoop Advantages

Allied Grid-Lock™ (AGL) / Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ (PAGL) plastic tubular embroidery Hoops are truly innovative and highly engineered products that have been awarded U.S. Patent No. 6,298,800. These hoops have many unique & user friendly features that enable embroiderers to save considerable time and money, improving their embroidery productivity and profitability.


1) Centimeter scale grid lines on the top face of the hoop arms

Embroiderers can use the horizontal and vertical grid lines on the arms of most AGL / PAGL  hoops as a quick guide for straight hooping of an article the very first time and every time. Users are able to visually check and confirm the straightness of hooped articles prior to embroidering which can help eliminate the possibility of costly garment rejections due to misaligned embroideries. Fewer rejections means less waste and more profit!


The one centimeter-spaced reference lines are separately identified by a numeral or an alphabet letter. The grid lines serve as a ready “distance guide” from the center of the hoop (and center of the embroidery design). This enables the user to align the desired numbered or lettered line on the hoop with a selected reference line on the garment (such as edge of the placket on a polo shirt) or other selected points to achieve accurate placement of the hoop and properly positioned embroidery.


2) Dot markings on the dial face

Dot Marks on the dial face of AGL / PAGL embroidery frames provide another time-saving instant guide for alignment during hooping of an article without needing separate markings on the article.


3) Distinguishable single and double vertical lines on the vertical ID walls of the inner hoop

All AGL / PAGL embroidery frames are engineered to have vertical lines covering the circumference of the inner hoop ID in a symmetrical and graduated manner. These lines provide yet another easy, time-saving guide for accurate vertical and/or horizontal alignment of the article as well as a means for hooping in the correct position using a line or a point of reference on a patterned article. These lines can also be used as an Instant Distancing Guide on Allied’s rectangular and square embroidery frames.


Click Images to Enlarge

1)Patented Allied Grid-Lock Grid Design  2)Top Face Dot Markings  3)Vertical ID Lines


4) "Double Height” Inner hoops

While many other ordinary frames sold by other vendors are available in only a “single height” version, Allied Grid-Lock™ / Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ round hoops, square hoops & rectangular hoops are made with double height inner hoops. This additional height provides added strength and sturdiness and therefore extends the life of the hoop. It also provides more surface area for a tighter grip on fabrics than typically achievable with completely “single height” frames.


5) Exclusively engineered plastic offering superior flexibility and sturdiness

Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops are made with a proprietary plastic composition which makes them superior to others in both strength and durability. The quality difference is easily noticeable when compared to other brands of hoops which are often flimsy and prone to premature breaking.


6) A specially textured surface finish to allow for better gripping of fabric

AGL / PAGL embroidery hoops are uniquely engineered with an ideal non-slippery surface texture, enabling a tighter, locking grip of the garment. Allied Grid-Lock™ embroidery frames provide very consistent tension across the hooped area of the garment yielding superior and uniform embroidery results.


7) “Straight-Edge lips” on Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ (PAGL™) rectangular embroidery hoops

PAGL square & rectangular hoops additionally feature “straight-edge lips” on all four sides of the inner hoop’s embroidery window with 1 centimeter spaced line markings to aid significantly with aligned hooping. No other competitor’s embroidery hoops in the industry have this feature. Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops make hooping easy and help embroiderers hoop straight each and every time!


Premium Allied Grid-Lock Lips


All unique features of patented Allied Grid-Lock™ embroidery frames work in conjunction to yield superior embroidery results. The cost savings for embroiderers using Grid-Lock™ hoops add up considerably over a period of time by reducing the number of rejected garments and throwaways (and avoiding other potential negative consequences) due to misaligned embroidery. Producing superior-embroidered garments also makes your customers satisfied and eager to do more business. Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops help save the operator’s time by offering quick, efficient and accurate alignment of articles without having to use a more time-consuming process of making separate markings on the garment for embroidery design locating and/or setting up hooping tables for every new garment. Some customers may find the purchase of separate hooping tables or hooping presses to be too expensive and unnecessary when using Grid-Lock™ frames and can thereby avoid incurring major expenses. In addition, for many non-apparel items, conventional hooping tables are simply not adapted or practical to use for proper line-up or as a distance guide. The exclusive features of AGL hoops greatly help to hoop apparel as well as non-apparel items in an accurate, aligned and time-efficient way.


Allied Grid-Lock™ / Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ plastic embroidery hoops are available in six round sizes:

07 cm (2.8"), 09 cm (3.5"), 12 cm (4.7"),

15 cm (5.9"), 18 cm (7.1"), 21 cm (8.3")


They are also available in seven square or rectangular sizes:

11 x 12 cm (4.5" x 5.0") - UNDER DEVELOPMENT

14 x 15 cm (5.5" x 6.0")

16 x 17 cm (6.5" x 7.0")

19 x 20 cm (7.5" x 8.0")

24 x 24 cm (9" x 9")

24 x 30 cm (9" x 12")

30 x 30 cm (12" x 12")


Most frame sizes are available in multiple versions of bracket lengths and bracket configurations, engineered to fit on your specific brand of embroidery machines. Different bracket lengths are designed to fit on your machine based on its pantograph “arm spacing” (AS) specifications (also referred to as “embroidery field” or "sewing field" specifications).


Allied GridLock™ / Premium Allied GridLock™ Hoop Sizes & Dimensions

Allied GridLock™ plastic embroidery hoops are given designated sizes based on industry practices. These dimensions are given on the product listings as the approximate distance in the Y direction (top to bottom) by the X direction (left to right), i.e. Y by X. For example, in the below hoop, the Y measurement is 19 cm (7.5") and the X measurement is 20 cm (8.0").  Therefore, the hoop item number would be PAGL-1920-abc-000. Because the part numbers are approximate designated numbers, please check the product listing grids for the actual inner hoop ID clearances. To convert centimeters to inches, divide the value in centimeters by 2.54.


 Allied Grid-Lock Hoop Sizing



Allied Wood Embroidery Hoop Advantages

Allied wood embroidery frames are known as the best quality wood embroidery hoops in the industry. They are selected by many embroidery machine manufacturers and distributors worldwide as OEM wood embroidery hoops supplied with their computerized commercial embroidery machines and home embroidery machines. Allied wooden hoops provide a strong grip when hooping a wide range of fabrics. One of the natural characteristics of wood is its grained texture. This provides a superior gripping power to hoop all varieties of articles, fabrics, and garments tautly. This characteristic is great for framing slippery fabrics such as satins and silks, as well as thicker jackets and other articles that may be difficult to hoop tautly using regular plastic hoops.


Allied International Inc. pioneered the concept of "double height" (DH) wooden hoops nearly 30 years ago and these hoops are very popular with embroiderers having industrial embroidery machines as well as home embroidery equipment. The added thickness of double height wood hoops provides additional surface area to hold fabric tightly. When using regular "single height" (SH) plastic hoops, the inner hoop has a greater chance to pop out if there is insufficient height engagement between the inner and the outer hoops. The extra thickness of double height hoops ensures that even very thick garments are hooped tightly  and this reduces the problem of the inner hoop disengagement in the middle of an embroidery run.


Some additional features of Allied wooden frames include a long externally adjustable outer hoop tightening screw with a slotted head for easy adjustment by screw driver or hand as well as a spacer spring to keep the outer hoop opened at the adjusted amount (which facilitates easier insertion of the inner hoop into the outer hoop).

Allied wooden hoops come with a standard adjustment screw which is 2-5/8” (67 mm) long. This provides ample length to open up the outer hoop to accommodate thick articles. Allied also offers extra long screws of 3-1/8” (79 mm) and 4-1/4” (108 mm) sizes for applications when the outer hoop opening must be even greater.

Allied offers more than 350 different wooden embroidery hoop sizes in round, oval, rectangular and square shapes. Such a wide hoop range enables the end user to choose the optimum hoop size and shape to accommodate the embroidery design so that the fabric tautness remains optimal and the embroidery results come out superior. Allied’s range of wooden hoops also includes some specialty shapes and sizes including hoops ideally suited for long and narrow embroidery on sleeves of long-sleeved shirts, pant legs, etc. Such hoops enable the embroiderer to use their machines for embroidery applications which otherwise would not be possible using conventional hoops.


You too can benefit as others have by using Allied wooden embroidery hoops! Order Allied hoops of your choice today!


Allied Wood Embroidery Hoop Sizes & Dimensions

Allied wooden embroidery hoops are given item numbers based on the dimensions of the inner hoop embroidery window. These dimensions are given on the product listings as the approximate distance in millimeters in the Y direction (top to bottom) by the X direction (left to right), i.e. Y by X. For example, in the below hoop, the Y measurement is 135 mm (5.3") and the X measurement is 255 mm (10.0").  Therefore, the hoop item number would be AWH-135255-DH-abc-000. To convert millimeters to inches, divide the value in millimeters by 25.4. 


Allied Wood Embroidery Hoop Sizing



What Do We Mean By Hoop Thickness?

Allied embroidery hoops are either "Single Height" (SH) or "Double Height" (DH). This refers to the thickness (height) of the hoop.


Examples of hoop item #s: AWH-320100-SH-abc-000 / AWH-320100-DH-abc-000


Single Height hoops measure approximately 1/2" thick. This is the ideal choice for thinner fabrics such as t-shirts & golf shirts. Double Height hoops measure approximately 3/4" thick. The extra thickness provides additional gripping surface area compared to "Single Height" hoops and therefore DH hoops are the ideal choice for hooping thicker articles (heavy jackets, sweat shirts, mats, etc.) and also for slippery fabrics such as satins and silks. All Allied Grid-Lock™ / Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ embroidery hoops have double height inner hoops.


What Do We Mean By “Arm Spacing” (AS)?

Arm Spacing (AS) refers to the distance between the embroidery machine pantograph arms which hold the embroidery hoops. To verify your machine's arm spacing distance, please measure the total width across an existing hoop including the metal brackets.  This measurement would be slightly less than the pantograph arm spacing measurement. Arm Spacing is also sometimes referred to as "Embroidery Field" or "Sewing Field".


Example: For an embroidery machine with a listed sewing field of 360 mm (14.2"), the AS distance measured on the hoop may be about 355-356 mm (approximately 14.0”)


How to measure Arm Spacing (Embroidery/Sewing Field)

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The patented, unique features of Round, Square & Rectangular Allied Grid-Lock (AGL) & Premium Allied Grid-Lock (PAGL) plastic embroidery hoops (frames) help prevent misaligned/ crooked embroidery on garments.
If you can prevent the rejection of even one garment per day or even per week, your measurable cost savings would be very significant over a period of time! AGL/PAGL embroidery frames enable faster hooping and proper placement on garments.
This too will save you considerable time and money, improving your embroidery productivity and profitability! -----------------------
Allied Wooden Frames also offer many advantages. When you need extra fabric gripping power, Allied wood embroidery hoops are the best!