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Due to global supply chain issues, we may fulfill your Allied hoop orders with either green or grey-colored hoops based on our inventory

  • BRAND NEW Premium Allied Grid-Lock 11 x 12 cm (4.5 x 5 inch) Hoops!
  • BRAND NEW Premium Allied Grid-Lock 11 x 12 cm (4.5 x 5 inch) Hoops!


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Allied  Grid-Lock  Plastic  Hoops

Why have tens of thousands of smart embroiderers worldwide chosen patented Allied Grid-Lock™ (AGL/AGLC) and Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ (PAGL) plastic embroidery hoops over other brands? Because they know that these are the most innovative hoops in the industry and their unique, user-friendly features have saved them considerable time and money and increased their embroidery productivity & profitability every single day!

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Allied  Unique  Wooden  Hoops

Why have embroidery machine manufacturers and distributors worldwide chosen Allied wooden embroidery hoops as their heavy-duty OEM wooden hoops to include with new machines? Because they know that these are the world's best quality wooden hoops which provide a strong grip when hooping a wide range of fabrics. A natural characteristics of wood is its grained texture. This is ideal to hold fabrics tautly & securely! No more pop-outs!

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“I found out about Allied products because they came with my embroidery machine that I purchased. I was very happy with the quality of the hoops I had, so when it came time to get additional sizes I decided to stay with what I know. I really like the markings on the outer edges and arms of the hoops which makes it much easier to make sure my design is straight. I discovered that I could purchase the hoops directly from Allied and that it was cheaper than using my previous source. Their customer service was fantastic and even after I hung up, my rep, Amar Gala, even called me back to make sure that there was no confusion about some measurements he had given me. Thanks for your great service!”

Lori F. from L.A. Engraving & Embroidery in Alden, NY

“I found out about Allied products from a distributor’s website. I like the markings on the outer edges and arms of the hoops. I found these markings a great help with alignment. I purchase Allied hoops because of these markings and the better prices. I ordered through the Allied website and it was easy. I received my order faster than I expected. Allied provides great service! I will purchase Allied hoops in the future and I will recommend them to other embroiderers.”

Daniel B. from Crooked Stitches in Berkley, MI

“Allied embroidery hoops came with my ZSK embroidery machine. I found Allied International’s website after doing some searching on the internet. I have purchased other brand hoops in the past but they lacked the grid lines and were not as good quality. The grids on Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops are the best! Registration for straightness is so much easier. Allied wooden hoops are definitely my preference for anything difficult as they can hoop most items. I am a very small shop doing mostly custom and high-end custom work. It’s crucial to do it right the first time. Allied hoops help me do so! Without question, I continue to use Allied hoops and recommend them as often as possible. The customer service is GREAT! Not only are they very friendly and helpful, they are efficient with great follow-up. I wish I’d found them sooner!”

MaryAnn H. from Lodovico Designs in Gambrills, MD

“The embroidery machines in my shop came with Allied Grid-Lock™ hoops and after using them I was never happy with any other kind of hoop. I've been an 'Allied Girl' for 8 years now! I like the markings on the inside of the hoops. They save me invaluable time especially when hooping shirts with pockets or items I have marked with a pin. It makes it so easy to judge straightness when I can line up the inside of the hoop with the pin. I also use the grids on the hoop when lining them up with the slatwall to judge straightness. To be honest, I don't know how anyone hoops without the grids!!! In addition to a fabulous product, the reps at Allied are incredibly helpful and always ship my items to me on the same day I place the order. Recently when ordering more hoop screws I was told about a new Premium version outer ring with a different kind of screw that is easier to turn & allows for heavier fabrics. Wow... I ordered several and absolutely adore them - I think I'm in love! I will definitely remain a loyal Allied Grid-Lock™ user as long as I am an embroiderer. I will eventually replace ALL my outer rings to the new style. No matter what, my hoops will always be Allied Grid-Locks. Thank you Allied for always having such a great product and making my job as an embroiderer easier.”

Eva G. from Hometown Threads in Jacksonville, FL

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