Item Number Format

Allied Grid-Lock™ (AGL / AGLC) and Premium Allied Grid-Lock™ (PAGL) Hoop Item Numbers

Examples of item numbers of AGL / AGLC plastic hoops: AGL-2430-SWF-400 / AGLC-15RD-TAJ-360

Example of item number of PAGL plastic hoops: PAGL-1920-MEL-400

Typically, Allied Grid-Lock hoop part numbers consist of 4 components, described below:

The 1st component has 3 - 4 starting letters. AGL / AGLC designates Allied Grid-Lock. PAGL designates Premium Allied Grid-Lock.

The 2nd component shows the “designated” hoop size in Y by X dimensions. This consists of 4 characters. In case of round hoops, the first two characters indicate the hoop diameter size in centimeters, and the last two characters are the letters RD for “Round” (e.g. 15RD for a 15 cm round hoop). In case of the square / rectangular hoops, the first two characters indicate the inside Y-axis dimension in centimeters, and the last two characters indicate the inside X-axis dimension in centimeters (e.g. 1920 indicates 19 cm in the Y-direction by 20 cm in the X-direction).

The 3rd component represents our abbreviated designation for the machine brand. In the above examples, SWF represents SWF brand machines whereas MEL represents Melco brand machines.

The 4th component indicates the Arm Spacing (AS) spec for which the hoops are designed to fit. For example, a 4th component of 400 represents the AS distance in millimeters required on the machine for that hoop to fit. Typical examples of AS specs (in millimeters): 360, 380, 394, 400, 460, 480, 495, 500, 504, 520, 605, etc. Most Grid-Lock hoops are available in multiple AS specs for each brand of machine.

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